Each day, hundreds of pregnant women wear an Ilado maternity bell necklace to bond with their babies and to comfort them after they are born. They have taken the opportunity to share this awesome experience with us!

"My baby is very receptive when I roll the maternity necklace over my bump. It's like a tool to comm
I absolutely love my Ilado pregnancy necklace! It’s so chic and elegant and looks gorgeous with any
"I love to hear this soft chiming sound, and I'm sure my baby loves it's too! It's the reason why I
"I love to wear my Harmony Ball. It's like a lucky charm for me, and I'm really curious to discover
"Because our daughter was taken to intensive care shortly after delivery, I put my necklace close to
"Knowing I am wearing something that not only looks stylish but is also comforting for my babies too
" The chime sound is so soft and magical that it relaxes both the baby and me! It is a beautiful way