Are you looking for a unique pregnancy gift? Discover our new Mother-Baby Bonding Box, a complete gift set that will bring joy to every mother-to-be and which includes: 
-A maternity necklace designed to create a sense of calm and harmony for the expectant mother while strengthening the prenatal bond;
-A lovey in which she can place her pendant after the birth to continue to reassure and soothe her baby;

- A Maternity Necklace Guide which explains its origin and benefits and provides a description of gestures to perform with the necklace throughout pregnancy;

- A silver bracelet for the dad to wear as a symbol of the bond between a dad and his child.

An unforgettable gift to celebrate the magical moment of baby’s arrival into the world.


  • Composition : pendant in 18 carat gold-tone brass, cord and tassels in fair trade silk 

    Measurements : pendant diameter: 20mm, cord length: 1100 mm


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