This jewelry piece is inspired by an ancestral Mayan pendant: the Angel caller or Harmony ball. Legend has it that its sweet jingling sound is magic: it has the power to call the guardian angel of the wearer. It was traditionally worn as a protective amulet for expectant mothers and their babies. After birth, it would be offered to the child to provide comfort with the familiar gentle chime, and protection.



Composition : pendant in silver or gold plated brass ; cord in polyester

Measurements : pendant diameter: 12mm



SKU: 3485798249
  • Here are some instructions on how to preserve the beauty and luster of your Maternity Necklace:

    First of all, remember that the more you care for your jewelry piece, the longer it will maintain its appearance.

    Do not let your necklace come into contact with perfumes, cosmetics and chemical products. It should be removed prior to bathing, showering or swimming.

    Always store your necklace in its Ilado case.

    Jewelry oxidizes naturally with air or moisture. Clean the necklace from time to time with a chamois cloth to preserve its brilliance. Finally, remember that the plating process consists of adding an 18 carat gold coating onto brass. Therefore, the plating can wear off over time.


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