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Positive Living + Meditation Tips for Pregnancy & Beyond


Our thoughts become our reality. We interviewed a meditation and energy coach to get the best positive living and meditation tips for expecting and new mothers.

Welcome to our first Ask the Expert feature which we showcase in our monthly newsletter. Here at Ilado we are all about bringing zen and happiness to expecting mothers to help create happy and healthy babies all while creating a beautiful bond between mother to be and baby growing inside.

Creating a positive pregnancy has a lot to do with our thoughts and so we talked with Karen Barski, a meditation coach; mom of five; and inventor of the global swaddle brand Woombie, to ask her tips for creating a positive life through meditation, gratitude, and intention.

1. Tell us a little more about yourself and what you do:

This best describes me: RN BSN for 25 years, wife and high energy mom of 5 (including twins!) and one angel child up in heaven, Infant Care Specialist, Emotion Code Practitioner, Reiki IIII Master, visionary, artist, designer, business coach, inventor, and to top it all off a Leo. I'm best known for inventing the Woombie baby swaddle which is now a global brand helping parents and babies get the sleep they deserve without compromising safety.

Lastly, I also have a blog called Juiceboxes + TEQUILA which is all about raising happy and healthy kids through lots of love, experiences instead of things, and going slightly against the grain of “normal” society.

2. How has positive living changed your life?

Positive living has changed my life in so many ways. In 2000 I was faced with a hardship (stillborn baby) that forced me into a darkness. I was watching Oprah one day and the law of attraction book was the topic of conversation. I bought the book, "The Secret," and never looked back!

I was able to tip the scale from sadness to a happy, fulfilling life by implementing the practice of gratitude. Faster than I could imagine I was beginning to attract circumstances, events, and people into my life which helped to raise, evolve, enlighten, and inspire me to do great things.