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Unique Gifts Idea

moon-maternity-necklace (1).jpg

Discover our new Mother-Baby Bonding Box, a complete gift set that will bring joy to every mother-to-be

wool-cocoon (1).jpg

Our Wool Cocoon is inspired by the tradition of swaddling, practiced for thousands of years by mothers around the world.


An unforgettable gift to celebrate the magical moment with family of baby’s arrival into the world

Music jewellery echoed your inner beauty

goddess- (4).jpg


 “Goddess” necklace is

inspired by an African tradition that celebrates the beauty, creative force and power of the feminine



Made in France

18K Yellow Gold / Rose Gold / SIlver


Guardian Angel

This bell necklace is inspired by the « Angel Caller » ancestral jewelry piece. Legend tells us that its gentle chime would call the protection of your guardian angel. 



Made in Mexican​

18K Yellow Gold / Rose Gold / SIlver

Bracelet maman.jpg

Precious Braclet

When the angel bracelet series is gently shaken and waved, it emits a gentle, harmonious, crisp and sweet ringtone, praying for health and safety


Made in Mexican​

18K Yellow Gold / Rose Gold / SIlver

Design your precious Amulet  

Inspire you and your beloved one everday

This gold-plated necklace is inspired by the meaningful beauty and magic of the traditional Thai amulet. It is worn over the heart, like a window to your soul. Place your precious charms inside to express who you are and to inspire you every day.
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